Solstice – Tomorrow! 13 Dec 2014

Can you believe that Solstice Court is tomorrow! We can hardly wait to spend time with friends, old and new! Here is a tentative schedule for the day’s events. As always times are approximate-ish.

9 am- Site Opens
10:30 am- Opening Court
Between the end of Morning Court and the beginning of Closing Court: Youth Activities, Chess Tournament, Cribbage Tournament, Dance Class, Silent Heraldry Classes, etc.
4 pm- Closing Court
7 pm- Feast
9 pm- Site Closes

Site Adress:
Discovery Christian Church –5929 South 900 East Murray, Utah

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Yard Sale at Solstice Court

This year at Solstice Court the Barony of Loch Salann will be having a Baronial Yard Sale to help fund essential Baronial activities and supplies. Please stop by the sale and have a look through to see if there is something you’ve been wanting!

If you have SCA relevant goods that you would like to donate to the sale (time to clean out those basements and make room for new!) please contact Adele via emial: AdeleBeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Also, Adele is looking for volunteers to help at the table.  If you have time to help, please let her know.

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Kids at Solstice Court

Did you know that this year at Solstice Court: children 17 years old and younger (who are attending with a parent or legal guardian) have no site fee?

So bring the kids!  There will be youth activities provided by our wonderful youth officers!  They will be able to make ornaments to give parents as well as create a ribbon wand similar to those that were so popular at our last coronation!  There might even be a visit from Father Christmas for good boys and girls!

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More Solstice Court Updates

So…what is there to do at Solstice Court?

•The lovely Bengta from Gryphon’s Lair will be teaching a class on Norse Whipcord Braiding. She will have materials, Larger kids are welcome, smaller kids are welcome with a parent

•We have the privilege of having Nesscia, the Society Silent Heraldry Deputy, join us and there will be three classes!!!
1-Sign Class: open to all ages and all skill levels, kids can come with their parents, and we’ll teach some signs, including some that are specific to the SCA and to Artemisia.
2- Q&A/round table: what a silent herald does, the job, the rules, etc.
3- “Hands on” heralding class: practice what it’s like to sign announcements, awards, etc.

•Love games? There will be two…yes TWO tournaments at Solstice Court. The traditional Cribbage tourney and a chess tournament will both be happening! If you like to play bring your boards and join in! Come watch the exhalation and agony of those competing to be named the 2014 Solstice Court cribbage champion!

•The Loch Salann Herald will have a consult table! This would be a fantastic time to speak with a herald about submitting your name and/or device!

•Baroness Elizabeth will be teaching several different period dances!
So much to do! Don’t miss out!

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Solstice Court Update!

Only 5 days until Solstice Court!  Here are a few tidbits that may help you plan your day!  There will be food available for lunch (fundraiser) and during our wonderful feast.  For those who enjoy some holiday cheer (of the adult type) with your feasts you will be happy to know that the site is wet!

There will be a table decorating contest!  Bring your beautiful settings and lovely decorations to make your table at feast really beautiful!  Don’t forget those candles!  Open flame (well attended and responsibly used) is allowed at this site!  Let’s make feast something truly magical!

Bring your banners to decorate the hall!  Help us transform the mundane space into a medieval hall fit for Kings and Queens!


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Solstice Court

Solstice Court is just around the corner!  On December 13, 2014 the Barony of Loch Salann would love to host you at our premier event. Come join us for food, games, and even a few classes at a relaxing winter time event.   Speaking of food!  There will be lunch fundraiser.  Delightful soups to warm you!  And what is Solstice Court without a hearty feast!  Scandinavian inspired and filled with goodness the feast is sure to make the day complete.

As described by Sir Raven:

“For this year’s feast I am honoured to provide a Scandinavian themed meal. The courses of this feast are of a period theme, that I tried to come as close to the period manner of their preparation as is reasonable for this size of a gathering.

Course 1 Bread- Kornbröd (VEG) Cheese- Fresh cheese or Skyr (GS) Soup- Green soup, with or without chicken (VEG, GS)

Course 2 Roast Beef (GS) Honeyed root vegetables (VEG, GS)

Course 3 Pancakes with sweet cream or sweet Skyr and berries (GS)

I have made an effort to provide for several dietary concerns including gluten sensitivity (GS), kosher, and vegetarian (VEG). Though there are meats, gluten, and gentiles in the kitchen.”

Feast Fees :

  • Adults (16 and older) – $7.00
  • Youth (15 – 6) – $4.00
  • Children (5 and under) – free

There are NO advanced feast reservations. Reservations will be taken on the day of the event at Gate when you check in.

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Questing Quill – December 2014

The December Questing Quill is now online.

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Zoolights 2014


Hogle Zoo has invited the Barony of Loch Salann to participate in their yearly promo called “ZooLights” It is an opportunity to help promote the zoo and give back to the community as well as promote the SCA.

The Zoo is providing us with 20 x 30 heated pavilion and an extra room for storage. They are going to advertise our group on their website, radio ads and any other advertising they do. The pavilion is for our guilds to hold demos. For example, heraldry, pewter casting, calligraphy, and any others that would like to do a demo. They have even given us permission to have a forge (yeah Heinrich) on the property.

I would like to extend this invitation to the musicians guild as well. I would love to set the correct ambiance for our guests.

Heavy and rapier fighters are allowed on the zoo grounds as well. They are also trying to round up fencing for an aeric or two for us and anything else we may need, if they can.

We can hand out our flyers but are not allowed sell anything. We have permission to have food in the pavilion but need to clean up after ourselves.

It is on December 6th. It starts at 5:30 and ends at 9:00, but we do not have to stay the whole time. I have arranged for us to be on site at 1:00 to set up and get ready for the people.

In other words they are willing to give us 110% to promote the SCA, just for one night of our time. We pretty much have cart blanch for this demo as long as it does no harm or hurt the animals.

Please consider joining us at the zoo.

In Service to the Dream,

Baroness Sheelaegh — Seneschal of Loch Salann



WE NEED YOU!!!  On Saturday December 6th we have an amazing opportunity to put the SCA on display!  Hogle Zoo has invited the SCA to participate in their yearly promo called “ZooLights”.   This will be a wonderful opportunity to display to the community what we are all about.  We will have HEATED pavilion where we can demonstrate many of our Artisan skills!  The southern pewter castors will be demonstrating as will the Loch Salann Blacksmiths!  There will be areas for fighting!  Armored combat demos and Rapier demos are needed!

We need more!!!  We need singers!  We need musicians!  We need calligraphy and illumination displays!  We need artisans to show their stuff!  We need you!!!

YES you!  Dressed in your beautiful garb adding ambiance to the occasion!

Come dressed in your garb and you will get into the Zoo for free!

You don’t have to be a member of the Barony of Loch Salann to participate!  All are welcome!  Come help us make this an incredible demo!


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Questing Quill – November 2014

The November Questing Quill is now online.

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Solstice Court 12/13/2014

The summer crops have been laid away and preparations have been made; the longest night is nigh at hand. It is time to gather and celebrate before the long cold winter settles in. Come one, come all and join us, the Barony of Loch Salann, as we share warmth, food and laughter at our Solstice court.
Sing songs, tell tales, bring poetry to share, to delight and to inspire. Participate in the cribbage or the chess tournament. This time of year, as the outside turns dark and gray, we find comfort and joy in making our interior spaces beautiful as a reminder that winter does not last forever and in fact, the Solstice is a renewal. Bring your decorations and help make the hall beautiful. And let us not forget the youth! Lady Arianna and m’Lady Arabella have activities planned to keep the kids entertained and help get their creative juices flowing. A visit from Father Christmas could even be in order for well-behaved boys and girls!

For the complete write up, visit the links below:

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